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Applicable to all plans:
  • 3 month minimum contract required
  • Additional POP email boxes in excess of plan
    • $1 each per month with 10MB space per box
  • Upgrade standard 10MB POP email box to:
    • 30MB - Additional $1.50 per POP email per month
    • 90MB - Additional $3.00 per POP email per month
  • No charge MX record update
  • $6 per GB used above plan data transfer per month allowance
  • $1 per MB used above plan disk space allowance
  • $35 setup fee for domain only pointers
  • Domain parking plan is no charge plus the domain name registration fee
  • $35 setup fee for Machine Name setup
  • SSL cetificates $250 Cdn per year

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Web Hosting - $15.CDN per month, FREE set-up!
For more information, give us a call:
In North America:   1-800-763-3575
Toll Free outside North America:   800-7633-5750
or email: Sales@sunnyoasis.com

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