Sunny Oasis Hosted Exchange

Ensure that all your email is available wherever you are


Hosted Exchange from Sunny Oasis lowers your cost for email services by providing Microsoft Exchange 2013 on an internet accessible server in a Tier 4 secure data center. This allows access to all of your email from wherever you are.

Hosted Exchange provides a disaster recovery option for your business. In case of an emergency where your employees cannot access your place of business or are unable to travel to the office, their email is still accessible remotely from their home or travel computer.

If your company requires immediate email access at a remote site, new satellite office or where workers constantly require remote access from various locations, Hosted Exchange can provide instant access to an Outlook email account from any internet connected computer without going to the expense of installing a local Exchange server and all of the infrastructure that it requires.

Smaller companies will also enjoy substantially reduced costs by not having to invest in a local server, licences, UPS, and technician maintenance for a local Exchange server.

Included with all Sunny Oasis Hosted Exchange email accounts:
Antispam protection; Antivirus protection; Push ActiveSync to push any new email to your smart cell phone.

All features available using a locally based Exchange server with Outlook are available under Sunny Oasis Hosted Exchange. This includes: Calendars, Contact lists, Corporate Address Books, Group Scheduling, Group Distribution Lists, Public Folders, Outlook Web Access, SharePoint, and more.

Local maintenance of an Exchange Server is eliminated using Sunny Oasis Hosted Exchange. We monitor all services to ensure 99.9% uptime and install all upgrades and security patches as soon as they are available and tested. Nightly backups of all data and configurations are performed.

Blackberry synchronization is available with Sunny Oasis Hosted Exchange accounts to ensure that your Blackberry remains fully synchronized with your email account.

A complete list of all features is available here.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact us.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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