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Whether its custom programming and applications or B2B/Ecommerce, Sunny Oasis Internet has custom programmed many special features for different applications and online marketing goals.

Is there a custom program we can build for you?
Can we streamline your business process?
Do you require an online database, administration or back end utility?

These are simple questions that we have the solutions for.

Some of our simplified and customized programming features/utilities:

Promotion Codes
Promotions codes can be created in the admin, to take off a certain percentage of the total order cost, before shipping & taxes.

Gift Certificates
Gift certificate products can be created. When purchased, a code is emailed out & shown on screen. A user then shops normally, and on the basket page enters this code. The certificate amount is then deducted from the total order amount.

Tangible/ Intellectual Products
Normal, tangible products require shipping info to be entered. If the product or all products being ordered are marked as non tangible, then shipping information is not required to be entered.

Real / Not Real Products
Real products are products that can be added to a shopping basket. At times, it is useful to add a discontinued product in the product listing, to let people know that it was discontinued, etc. If a product is marked not real, then it will show in the product listing as all the other products do, but the add to basket button will be missing.

Faster Response Times
The source files have been fully optimized to make as few database connections as possible.

User Tracking
Users can be fully tracked as they move through the store. A listing shows each action a user makes, for example, a line might read "User is browsing the Specials category", or "User is adding the Managers Special product to their basket"

Thumbnail Columns
A variable can be set to specify how many products should appear across each row, on the product thumbnail pages.

Product Thumbnails
The code that displays the thumbnail page product images & related product images looks for an actual thumbnail image file in a mirror of the product image directory. If no real thumbnail exists, it will display the full sized product image, with smaller dimensions. Thumbnails can be set to be automatically created by the server, and placed in the thumbnail directory, when product images are uploaded through the product administration interface.

Product Thumbnails Constrained by either Width or Height
The original coding only allows filling in of the width based on the given height, and not the other way around.

Retail Price Strike Through
If the selling price is lower than the retail price, the retail price is shown in red with a strike through, with the sale price below it. If the retail price is lower than the sale price, or nonexistent, then only the selling price is shown on both the thumbnail & show product pages.

Attractive Basket Page
The basket page has been heavily reworked. The subtotal, shipping, grand total, etc., rows are all in the same table as the products. Shipping information has been removed from the basket page, and put on its own page. There is a variable which toggles whether a user will be prompted to enter their shipping info as soon as they press the add to basket button, ie before they even see the basket page, or whether they go directly to their basket but must click on a "click here to update your shipping info link", before being able to checkout.

American / Canadian / World Customers
The store can be set to allow only American, only Canadian, only Canadian and American, or world wide customers. Original coding only allows US & Canada, or world wide. If it is US only, only the United States country is shown in the country select box. As well, the province and postal code text disappears.

Reworked Location Details
The original Merchant code only shows the two letter US state & Canadian province codes, on the shipping information section of the basket page. Ours has been reworked to show the full US state or Canadian province name.

Basket Summary & Category Names On Product/Category Pages

Supplier Emails
After an order is approved, an email can be sent to each unique supplier involved with the order, requesting they ship the products to the client.

Bulk Product Uploads through Tab-Delimited SpreadSheet
Hundreds of products may be imported into the database, by uploading a tab delimited spreadsheet file into an administration interface.

Category Product Counts
A script on the server periodically counts how many products each category contains, including those in its sub categories. This information is stored in the category table, and can be displayed beside each category in the category listings.

Extra Fields Can be Toggled Visible/Not Visible
Sometimes you might like to disable an extra field from being displayed to the user, either temporarily, or permanently such that you can store information for your own purposes only. This feature allows disabling the display of each extra field on the show product page.

Shipping Service Displayed on Basket Table
A drop down select box allows changing of shipping services on the basket table. If Canada Post is being used as the only shipping service, the calculated prices of the services available to the given location will be shown beside the service, in the drop down box.

Support for many Payment Gateways

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