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Canadian .ca Domain Name Registration

What are the .ca registration guidelines?

Canadians are allowed to register multiple domain names under the federal .ca designation without requiring Federal restrictions as before.

As such, Sunny Oasis can register any .ca domain name that is available. There will be an annual renewal fee that will be invoiced when your domain comes up for expiry.

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Some Tips for Selecting a Domain Name

Before requesting a specific Domain Name you may want to first research the free, Web-based interface located here. It is particularly important that the person in charge of your organization's corporate image approve the choice of subdomain name. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right to use the domain name you have chosen.

You may mix upper and lower case, or use all upper or all lower case. Software will ignore case and users can type in whatever case they like. You should capitalize your subdomain name as you wish it to appear in machine generated lists, such as the return address generated in your outgoing electronic mail. Hyphens may be used to separate words if necessary or consistent with normal references to the proper name of your organization.

Look up a domain name:
For .com .net .org .edu and .ca domain names use: Domain name lookup utility
For other domain names use: Other domain names lookup


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