Manually connecting POP server via telnet command

How do I manually telnet to my POP (Post Office Protocol) server to check if my mail server is accepting connections?


This method of manually connecting to the mail server is sometimes necessary in order to help better troubleshoot Messaging/Mail issues. By directly telneting to the POP server, you can determine if the problem is within the client software or the server. Following is a list of commands to be executed from the UNIX command line or DOS shell using the telnet utility:

Telnetting to port 110 (the POP port).

 telnet machine 110

POP commands:

  USER uid           Log in as "uid"

  PASS password      Substitue "password" for your actual password

  STAT               List number of messages, total mailbox size

  LIST               List messages and sizes

  RETR n             Show message n

  DELE n             Mark message n for deletion

  RSET               Undo any changes

  QUIT               Logout (expunges messages if no RSET)
  TOP msg n          Show first n lines of message number msg
More commands (and the entire spec) are available at

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