Installed Technology 
SGI Servers 
Web Servers
  • The server of choice is manufactured by Silicon Graphics (SGI).
  • There is a controlling SGI server and 64 Web Servers.
  • We guarantee web server up time of 99.9% - THAT'S ONLY 43 MINUTES/MONTH IN DOWNTIME, GUARANTEED!
  • Our backup system consists of an IBM 7025-6F1 with two RS64-III CPUs, and 1 GB of RAM connected to an IBM 3583 Tape Library capable of managing up to 7.2TB of data. We use Tivoli Storage Manager as our backup solution software, which is a powerful server management tool.
    SGI Symmetrical Processor - Origin 200/2000 Challenge DM 
    • Multiple Processors - Four
    • 512MB RAM
    • RAID 5
    • Sybase Data Base
    • Controls email, Data Base
  • Silicon Graphics Origin 2000 
    • 6 - R10000 Processors
    • 1.5GB (gigabyte) RAM
    • Process Usage, Web Statistics and Mail
    • Technical Info



  • Web Servers: Silicon Graphics Origin 200 Servers 
    • 384 to 1024 MB of RAM 
    • 9 GB System Disk 
    • 36 GB Striped / Plexed Data Storage 
    • Dual 1 GHZ RISC CPU's 
    • Stable and Reliable Operating System - Linux Redhat for all Servers
    • Cutting Edge Web Server Software - Apache -Apache is by far the leader in serving web sites.
    • Presently certifying the following web servers for use: 
    • Origin 200 systems from SGI 
    • 195MHZ mips R10000 CPUs with at least 512MB of RAM 
    • Ultra SCSI 10000 RPM disk drive technology from Seagate called the Cheetah. This next generation of servers will mean even faster delivery of web service as well as drastically increased CGI performance. 
  • Exclusive Application System
    Cisco 7505 Router 
    • Internet backbone level routing
    • 100 MB/s interface into the backbone
  • Backbone 
    • Foundry BigIron fiber switch as backbone
    • Backbone speed is Gigabit
    • Foundry workgroup 24 port switches
    • Speed to router is 100 mb/s
Transfer Switch 

Battery Room

  • 1.25 MegaWatt Diesel Generator emergency power
  • All servers and communications equipment are on dual 300KVA Liebert UPS battery backup
  • An FM200 fire suppression system
  • Dual redundant Leibert air-conditioning system.
Backbone connection
  • Utilizing an 'Inside-Out Network' to provide the unique ability for your data to travel over the optimal path to reach its destination using BGP4 routing protocol. This is done through utilizing direct connections to several leading Internet backbone providers. We have the following bandwidth connections to our backbone providers:
    • DS3 to QWest (45 Mbits)
    • DS3 to UUNet (45 Mbits)
    • OC3 to UUNet (155 Mbits)
    • OC3 to Global Crossing (155 Mbits)
    • OC3 to AT&T (155 Mbits)
    • OC3 to AT&T (155 Mbits)
    These multiple connections provide speed, redundancy, diversity, and workload balancing. 
    The AT&T Backbone The UUNET Backbone
    The Global Crossing Backbone The Level3 Backbone
    The data facility is equipped with complete state-of-the-art Cisco systems, including redundant Cisco 7513 routers, a Gigabit Ethernet network, and a 24x7 Network Operations Center. SONET Ring technology, with dual OC-12 and multiple DS-3 fiber optic lines, assures backbone fail over. BGP-4 routing protocol provides stable, efficient and intelligent routing. Bandwidth capacity is kept at twice the peak usage rate, and our internal gigabit connections will allow us to grow to 10 times our current size and still have the fast content delivery and server responsiveness.

    What does all this mean for your business? This state-of-the-art network guarantees faster and more reliable service. And our commitment to adopting the best technologies available means that we'll continue to provide unbeatable speed and reliability.

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