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Which Server to Choose? 

All servers share useful utilities and functionality, but when deciding on which server to choose, here are some guidelines:

  • What your knowledge is about each OS?
  • Type of hardware being used? 
  • Compatibility 
  • Price
These five points are most beneficial in evaluating which platform you should implement.

Pricing for these Dedicated Server Plans are quoted in Canadian currency.
Please contact us for a quote for your dedicated server

Server:  Windows NT  Sun
Overview: * Development tools
* Minimal IS staff needed
* MS OS is familiar to use
* Hardware/software availability provide high scalability
* Technically superior server systems
* Proven track record
* Superior performance
* Superior reliability
* Unbeatable scalability
* High security
OS: Windows NT 4 SP6 Solaris 2.6
Webserver: IIS Apache
Unique abilities: Abundance of MS and MS compatible products available, ex. SQL, Siteserver.

    * Mid to large sites
   * E-commerce sites
   * Integration w/ other MS products
   * Backend systems
   * Availability of SQL server

Hardware is built around OS - made to work together. Has highest scalability performance.

    * Large scale sites
   * E-commerce sites
   * Advanced web sites
   * Large backend systems
   * Need scalability
   * Ideal for large databases, such as Oracle

Server:  Cobalt  Linux
Overview: * Low cost, high value
* High server density
* Simple to use
* Limited tech exp. needed
* Open architecture
* Browser based administration
* High speed OS
* Red Hat supported Linux software
* Open source code
* Highly customizable
* Uses minimal system resources
OS: Linux 2.0 Redhat 6.0
Webserver: Apache Apache
Unique Abilities: The RaQ's speed and low price point enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from the reliability and security provided by a dedicated server.

    * Webserver
   * Run your own DNS
   * Run your own mail server
   * Support up to 100 IPs
   * RaQ2 can concurrently handle:
      * 140,000 emails
      * 50,000 file transfers
      * 250,000 web pages daily

Open source code, great for flexibility, but can be trouble if you don't have the technical knowledge.

    * Highly customizable
   * Web server
   * Mail server
   * Advanced web sites

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