A short collection of unsolicited testimonials that we have recieved from both our current clients and visitors to our client sites.
Unsolicited Letters From Visitors to the Conservation Halton Website

Hi Folks: 

      In many years of browsing the Internet, I have never before encountered such a great website! I have visitors coming at the end of the month, and have been looking for places to visit. You can be sure that your Conservation Areas are at the top of my list. My congratulations to those responsible for assembling and presenting all the data I could ever need. 

Have a great summer, 

Wayne Allen 
Scarborough, Ontario 

  If you have not yet won an award for your web site, then you should have. It is one of the best sites I have ever visited and I have seen a few in the last 4 years. 
  Good work! It's up to the same standard as your parks. Lived in Burlington since 1967 and in this general area since 1933 and finally got to Crawford Lake. Awesome. 

Doug Waller 
Burlington, Ontario

  I have been hosting with Sunny Oasis Internet for several years now.  After trying two other webhosting companies I finally found one that I can honestly depend on. Timely responses to any query that I have made have made a huge difference. I have other domains that I will be transferring over as well. Besides having a well designed website it is imperative  to have a reliable hosting company backed by dedicated people. More people should realize that shopping for the cheapest hosting company does not mean that they will be the most reliable. I wish more companies treated their customers as well as you do. You have set a standard which others should follow. 


(Mrs.) Patricia M. Copus 
Singles Canada Ltd.
"Where Single Canadians meet on the Net" 

Letter from the owner of Creative Memorials website:

Dear Brian, 

    It has been just over 4 months since you and I first sat and discussed our web-site and my feelings that in its present condition it wasn't working for us. It was a long drawn out procedure and you certainly made me think about a number of things but I am pleased to say that it was certainly worth the time and effort. We are getting more hits than I ever dreamed possible and the e-mail web-site information requests are coming daily. Because not everyone needs to purchase a cemetery memorial on a regular basis I am certainly pleased with the response. The sales to date have more than paid for development of this site and we are only about 90 days into the first year. I have received a hundred times more e-mail since we have begun working with you than I had in a year with the other company. 
     Brian, thank you once again for all the help and advice. Together, we will make more changes to make the site even better in the future. 


Jim Strain 

Excerpt from Sympatico NetLife (Canada's Home Internet Magazine) May/June 1997 issue: 

"SUNNY OASIS PROPERTY & VACATION LOCATER" is a treasure-trove of Canadian cottage country, tourism and travel information. You can rent a private cottage, buy one or simply find and read more about cottage country at this site. An excellent and handy resource to visit!
Newsletter response to Milton Chamber of Commerce website announcement:

Chamber Website a success...

I was just cruising and thought I'd have a look at the new website. Looks pretty fine and seems to have lots of information available for the looking. Snazzy Logo too. 

Mike Schram, Shoot! Photographic.

Letter from the owner of the USBride website:

TO: Paul Patience, SUNNY OASIS 

FM: Jack Crowley, SHOPPER'S WORLD, Inc.

SJ: Letter of Appreciation and Recommendation 

This is an overdue acknowledgement to you and Brian for the outstanding jobs you have done to bring forth our USBride website. 

After two false starts and wasted time and money with "webmasters" who talked a good game, but failed to deliver... we were fortunate to find you. Not only does the site look and feel good to the user, it is most functional -- even beyond what the casual visitor may see at: 


  We are video producers and recently returned from commercial assignment for a major bank at DisneyWorld. We took a "Behind the Scenes" Tour that brought us under Main Street and face-to-face with the incredible INFRASTRUCTURE that makes Main Street and the rest of the Magic Kingdom operate so smoothly. 

The value of what you have programmed is more than what the viewer sees... it is also the sophisitcated INFRASTRUCTURE that allows us to offer extraordinary services to vendors. E.g. a service that allows clients to change their Coupons and Homepages easily and on-line via password protections within "Vendor Admin" at our site. A service that allows us to know who is registering for a FREE Wedding Annoucement page along with automatic response EMail to the bride, etc.. 

This is the SUNNY OASIS "Behind the Scenes" INFRASTRUCTURE that we and your clients enjoy. It springs from KNOWLEDGE of TECHNOLOGY needed to make the Internet work as well as a WILLINGNESS to ASSIST the client with affordable solutions to their needs. 

In our field of video production, the same is true. One must know the technology, have the necessary tools of the trade and be willing to assist people get what they want. 

Today, EVERYONE who is in business needs to provide clients and prospects the courtesy of viewing their services offerings on the Internet. Much the same as they need business cards, letterhead, a brochure and a sign on the door... they need a WEBSITE address. As video producers, we elected to get into the electronic publishing business to be able to create 30 - 60 second "Videomercials" to clients when the technology and bandwiths expand. We also have a WEBSITE programmed by SUNNY OASIS: 

Masterpiece Video

  And, your work is not finished even after the site is up and running. We just went on-line a few weeks ago with USBride and are now listed with the major SEARCH Engines. Today I am able to announce to prospective subscribers to our Wedding Internet SHopping network (WISHnet) that USBride.com appears TWICE on Page 1 (of 1,000 pages) at AltaVista and prominently in Yahoo! and Infoseek, among others. After programming a beautiful site, you sure know how to get your clients listed correctly on the major SEARCH ENGINES. This takes knowledge of your client's services and, of course, the rules of each SEARCH ENGINE, which are different. 

We look forward to expanding with you into Phase II, where we will be creating websites for our corporate clients for view on the WWW and within our WISHnet CO-OP advertising network of wedding vendors. 

Linda and I would be delighted to share more insights, one-on-one, about your dedication and professionalism with anyone who cares to Email us at the address below. 

All the best, 

Jack Crowley 
Managing Director 

Response to our Vacation Property Locater website:

To: cottage@sunnyoasis.com 

I just wanted to tell you folks that you have the best web sites (especially the vacation rental site) on the Web. The addition of Music and the sounds of the loon add incredibly to the browsing experience. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Bill Cook

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