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Non-US and non-Canadian Domain Names

SUNNY OASIS can serve domain names other than .ca .com, .net, or .org, but the end user will be responsible to register their domain name with the proper local authority within your country. Upon activating your account, SUNNY OASIS will provide you with an IP address that should be used on your domain application form. Here are the steps for activating a non-US and non-Canadian Domain domain:

  1. Check with the agency in your country who manages domain names to obtain their registration procedures. You also need to get the proper form or template that is required for the registration.
  2. Submit your request for a domain account via our ORDER FORM and use your domain name (ie. your_name.de or your_name.es ).
  3. SUNNY OASIS will email you an activation notice that will include an IP address.
  4. Complete the necessary information on your domain form or template and be sure to include the IP address that was provided by SUNNY OASIS.

Please email support@sunnyoasis.com if you have any questions. To lookup a domain for any country use: ANY DOMAIN NAME LOOKUP You can also find more information at some selected sites below:

Asian Pacific region: http://www.apnic.net/

RIPE - Europe: http://www.ripe.net/

Mexico: http://www.nic.mx/

.US domains: http://www.isi.edu:80/div7/infra/iana.html

Singapore: http://www.nic.net.sg

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